kloubové rameno na LCD monitor EVO
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kloubové rameno na LCD monitor EVO




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EVO Articulating LCD Monitor Arm
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  • Množstevní slevy
  • Slevy při dlouhodobé spolupráci
  • Platby na fakturu
  • The monitor mount features a sleek and modern design to complement the workspace.
  • Effortlessly reposition with one-touch monitor adjustment.
  • Tension adjustment at each joint.
  • Mount installation is performed above desk for quick and easy set-up.
  • 180-degree rotation stop prevents monitor arm from swinging into screens or walls.
  • Easily rotate flat panel monitor for portrait or landscape viewing.
  • The height-adjustable provides 10.4″ of vertical range and horizontal range up to 15.9″.
  • Durable, quick-install VESA adapter reduces installation time.
  • Sleek cable management system routes cables beneath the monitor arm.
  • VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapter included.

Quick & easy installation

EVO® monitor arm features a quick install VESA bracket and a top down mount installtion for easy setup.


A sleek cable management system routes cables beneath the monitor arm for a clutter free desk.

Height Adjustable

EVO® boosts an impressive 26 cm of vertical range and 40 cm of horizontal range allowing you to work in your ideal ergonomic position.


One-touch monitor adjustment

Powered by Better Ballance®technology, EVO® supports your monitor with true constant force, ensuring smooth movement across the entire range of motion.
Color 248 - Flat White, 124 - Silver and 104 - Vista Black
Vertical Range 10.4" (26.4 cm)
Horizontal Range 18.0" (45.7 cm)
Mounting Options Desk Edge, Grommet and Thru-Desk
Weight Capacity 1 - 15 lbs (0.5 - 6.8 kg)


EVO Articulating LCD Monitor Arm

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