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QUADRO height adjustable desks

QUADRO CallCenter


Perfect for call centers and teams. Available in 3 and 4 person format.

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Od 69 990 Kč (incl. 3x stoly)

Price above includes 3 desks. All DIONE desk options are available. Desktop is available in all laminate and veneer surface options.

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Not only is DIONE DESK superbly built, it is also intelligent. This desk communicates with your desktop computer and mobile devices to remind you when to adjust your sit/stand height settings as well as tracks your activity and caloric burn throughout the workday.

Finally, DIONE DESK takes your customization options to the next level with more color choices as well as optional polished chrome legs and feet.


danish qualityLinak

Danish design and quality

Denmark produces some the highest quality products in the world. This fact is well known in terms of furniture-making and design. A lesser known fact is that Denmark also happens to be a world leader in electrical device engineering—the technology behind the components that power height adjustable desks.

This is why we are proud to introduce the DIONE desk—the ultimate combination of Danish quality furniture-making and first-class electrical engineering.

The DIONE desktop is sourced from one of Denmark’s top furniture design and manufacturing companies. Every desktop is custom made to order at their facility with precision CNC machines and under strict quality control supervision.

The superb DIONE desktop is complemented by LINAK components. The Danish company LINAK manufacturers the best lifting columns and related components in the world. The DIONE desk features the top end of LINAK's lifting column and controller product lines.

Combined, the end product—DIONE Desk—is a beautiful, stable, superior quality height adjustable desk comprised of components that are 100% made in Denmark. As a result, your DIONE Desk will look great and perform at the highest level for many years to come.

Desktop shapes, colors and sizes

The DIONE desktop is available in countless shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The color combination options are so versatile that you can even choose different colors for both the desktop and table edge—offering exciting aesthetic possibilities that are not possible with any other desktop on the market.


In addition to safe conservative colors, we also offer a wide spectrum of fancy colors to choose from. This enables you to create workspaces that complement your unique personality, corporate identity or brand. Try our interactive color combination simulator to get an idea of desktop color possibilities!

In addition numerous color options, we offer a full range of desktop materials to choose from which include genuine bamboo hardwood, Veneer, HPL laminate, Fenix laminate (nano) or Linoleum.

When taking into consideration ergodesk desktops are made in Denmark and available in so many sizes, shapes, colors and materials—it is easy to see why we claim there is no better desktop available in the region. And we invite you to our showroom to prove it!


Lifting Column DESKLINE DL11

The DL11 DESKLIFT is a compact round 3-part lifting column, which is a perfect choice for office desks or conference desks.

The 3-part construction ensures a short installation dimension combined with a long stroke length, making the DL11 an optimum choice whatever the height of the person using the desk.

The DL11 is available in several standard colours to fit into a wide range of desk designs. The DL11 is equipped with PIEZO™ (collision protection) technology. PIEZO minimises the risk of material damages to a desk caused by collision with an obstacle.




Intuitive LINAK Desk Controller

DPG desk panel models with reminder 

DPG is activated by tilting; an easy intuitive way to adjust a desk without any attention needed. With the DPG, you get up to four memory positions which are reached by simply tilting the panel until the desk stops at the stored position. 

The colour indicates to the user to change position

The integrated reminder function of the three DPG Desk Panel models is visualised by a light. Its colour reflects the current usage status of the desk. A colour change of the light reminds the user when it is time to change position. The reminder function thus naturally supports the user to achieve a healthy posture variation throughout the day.

Compatible with the Desk Control app

DPG Desk Panel models with a reminder function are compatible with the Desk Control app, using the integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. The app allows the user to keep track of his personal desk usage statistics on a smart device and get notifications when to stand. 




DIONE desk is compatible with SitStandCOACH which is a scientifically proven software tool that effectively encourages computer users to move more. 

PIEZO™ prevents material damage

PIEZO is an anti-collision protection solution that helps extend the life of office equipment to protect your invested resources - prevents damage to equipment when moving the table to a fixed obstacle.

PIEZO is the name of LINAK's hardware anti-collision technology. The PIEZO sensor is fully integrated in the post body without any visible changes or special flanges. Compared to other systems, PIEZO is more sensitive and responsive.

The built-in PIEZO sensor responds to an obstacle when moving the table up or down, stopping the movement and then moving the posts in the opposite direction. The whole mechanism is built into the body of the column, with no changes in the surface. The system does not require any additional modifications or accessories.

piezo youtube

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